What to Expect as a New Patient:

Your first appointment is your evaluation. During the hour session, we will take a history of your problem and get information regarding your condition, such as what makes it worse and what makes is better.

Next we will observe your posture, range of motion/ flexibility, strength, movement patterns, and joint mobility. With this information we will come up with a physical therapy assessment of your limitations. From this information, we will put together a treatment plan to address the limitations found in your assessment.

Manual therapy techniques such as massage and joint mobilisation will be used to restore range of motion. Instruction in body mechanics, posture, ergonomics, and exercises will be used to restore function. You will be responsible for a home exercise program.

It is very important that you play an active role in your rehabilitation. Therefore you will be given a home exercise program that will compliment the treatments you recieve in therapy. As you regain flexibility and strength, you will notice that your pain will diminish and your function will improve.

Our goal is to return you to your previous level of activity and progress you past that point.